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Kashan Sirangtalaee Trading Company is one of the largest Iranian trading companies that is active in the field of exporting carpet to the whole world also is one of the most popular carpet stores, offering a wide variety of carpets and services to customers which increases its popularity among people.

This company has started its activities since 2012 and currently active in the field of exporting machine made carpets to all over the world and concludes commercial contracts with all natural and legal persons and governmental and non-governmental institutions inside and outside the country with an official license.
our store has a health apple certificate in the carpet production industry and is a manufacturer of antibacterial and anti - allergy carpets and using filament polyester fibres. we use 100% polyester filament yarn for producing carpet which happened for the first time in Iran. Pilling doesn’t happen in our carpets, because their products are anti-allergic and resistant to abrasion and washing. we offer carpets in different combs and densities, and kilims in various sizes and designs. 
Our company is active in the field of Iranian export carpets, which are woven with the best and most quality and have very beautiful and unique design also our carpet offers handmade carpets, modern carpets, pictorial carpets, classic carpets, children’s carpets, kilims and gabbehs which have been produced under different brands.
One of the most important goals of our company is innovation in the texture, design and color of various types of Iranian carpets.our company uses newly formulated synthetic silk yarn,which prevent the carpet from slipping on the surfaces. The products produced by the Company are categorized into classic,fancy, carpets nostalgic, bright and rainbow categories.
The sales branches of this company is located in Tehran and Kashan .


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